Logs ~ 2023

Happy New Year ✨I hope you have a 2024 filled with love, fun, growth and adventure.

Aysel Aydin
4 min readJan 2, 2024

Sometimes, even if you experience events that will affect your entire life, the biggest challenges lead to the biggest change. 2023 has been such a year for me. This year I lost, I won, I failed, I cried, I laughed, I got angry, but most of all I learned. I learned that the important thing is to adapt to the “new reality” and become the “new you”.

Let’s examine what I did in 2023.

  • 9 articles on Medium
  • Travel to 2 Countries
  • 6 City Trips
  • Mentoring 3 Mentees
  • 3 Speech / Online Meetup
  • 3 Theaters
  • 3 Cinemas
  • 5 Books
  • 1 App

I started creating a tutorial on Python, NLP, Machine Learning, Deep Learning. I wrote 9 articles in 2023. You can access my articles via the links below.

I love traveling, discovering new places, seeing different cultures, and making new friends. This year, I was able to break the chain of misfortunes I experienced regarding visa issues and go abroad for the first time. I traveled to Portugal and Paris. My biggest wish is to travel and make memories a lot.

If anyone reads this article and wants to meet and talk about different cultures, I will leave my accounts below.

In addition to my trips abroad, I also visited 6 cities in my own country and tasted new tastes 😋

When I think about the year, I went to 3 cinemas and 3 theaters. I plan to integrate theater and cinema culture into my life in the new year.

There are many great movies and TV series that I plan to watch in the new year. If you have any suggestions, don’t forget to add them to the comments.

This year, I continued the mentoring meetings I have been holding for years, especially for girls. It’s an incredibly beautiful feeling to be able to touch someone’s life. Don’t forget that strong women are strong tomorrows.

I’ve been dealing with my health problems for the last two months of the year. While dealing with health issues, I realized that nothing in life is more important than health. Take care of your health, rest assured that everything else will be taken care of.

I had the opportunity to end the year with a beautiful invitation that would make you forget everything. I had the opportunity to tell our President’s wife, my minister, and the valuable Turkcell management about my “Future Writers” adventure, which started in 2017 and where we carried out beautiful projects.

Thank you 2023 for everything you taught me. My note to myself for 2024: travel more, see and discover new places. Spend more time with your loved ones. Read more, exercise, and take care of your health.

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